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Welcome to the Backyard

The community nft comic, where you collect, you vote, we make , we airdrop. On the Cardano blockchain 

Mint for E1 has Ended
we minted all 999

How does it work?

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Mint and collect our characters

999 total supply


Vote on current comic options

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Our First vote will determine what genre of comic we will have. Each episode will have around 3 votes for major events, story plots or design aspects.
You only need 1 NFT to be able to vote but more NFTs = more votes and more benefits in the future. Owning our NFT also gives you instant WL to future mints (hold for snapshot)

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Airdrop of comic once produced 

We will announce a snapshot to be taken once production is complete and those in the snapshot will get the comic airdropped to their wallets!


Onto Episode 2

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Depending what genre is chosen episode 2 will be reflective of that with developments from the story. Community will vote on supply and cost. The new votes will then happen for how episode 2 will go similar to how episode one had.

About the creator

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Penkin – I’m a street artist and digital artist. I’ve done commission work for clients for over 10 years. When I was 21 I started an art/graffiti shop in my home town. We sold all sorts of art tools and materials. We organised big murals for businesses and also started a tutoring side of the business teaching kids to learn art and spray painting. I saw NFT’s awhile ago and wanted to get involved as I love new developments in the art industry that mix it up and I saw how powerful this could be for smaller artists like myself and how the community could be involved. I did 1 project on opensea and realised that projects aren’t easy and you really have to offer something else. So from what I learned I wanted to make something I’d enjoy and something the community could really be apart of so Backyard boyz was created. Jamie Hewlett is a big inspiration for me so you may very well see a gorillaz influence. Another influence is a good friend of mine that goes under the name Sotep (you can check him out on YouTube – his style is nuts!) Thanks for coming and hope you enjoy what is created!


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Join the fam

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