I’d been watching the nft for several months before I got involved. I wanted to watch the space and see how the ebbs and flows of the communities and tech moved. I did a small project on the opensea on polygon to see how it would go. This project got a little traction but mainly from just doing giveaways which were fun to do. Through doing this “test” project I quickly learned two things, firstly that the NFT space is harder than it looks especially regarding getting sales, and secondly that people need to see worth in a project, whether that be a flip opportunity, a personal fun investment, an art collection or pretty much anything but it must mean something. So, I started to think, “what would I enjoy and what would the community I bring in enjoy?” that’s when I started to ask my buddy (who is a professional comic artist) about his thoughts on this project idea I had. I thought it would be fun and he said he thought (like I did) that the community would appreciate and enjoy it too. So, I dove in and here we are.

Drinking the NFT Kool-Aid

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What's up for grabs?

Let’s talk about you guys and what’s for offer here?
Firstly let me fill you in on what Backyard boyz is, Backyard boyz is a community-driven comic based on 4 main characters and is going to be on the Cardano blockchain. The direction of the story, major events and other such details will be decided by on-chain voting, by owning one or more CNFT you are given a vote per one owned. To vote you will send a set amount of ada to the voting system and it will be recorded and then the system will send you back the ada you sent, gas fee’s will be paid by the project not yourself (we may even introduce a reward scheme for voting but I won’t promise anything yet as we’re working that out still, just to be fully transparent but it’s something we’d like to do! Join our socials to stay up to date on stuff like this.) 

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How does that work?

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So, for example a question early on will come out like: The group are chilling in the treehouse out in the backyard. An event that is going to change their lives is going to happen will it be:
A: The 4 characters are abducted by aliens and now become a space traveling team trying to figure out what's going on whilst being dragged into a galactic problem that would be beyond mere morals. 
B: A zombie plague outbreak and the group find themselves left behind and now have to fight their way through to “the extraction point”
C: The group gain superpowers which leads them into figuring out what to do with these powers
D: A wizard Pulls himself through the fabric of multi-space and requires help from the group
To vote send the corresponding amount of ada to X (this will be returned to you) EG

A  = 1 ada
B = 1.1 ada
C = 1.2 ada
D = 1.3 ada

(Note – Amounts of ada here are an example, we will make this as low as we can so you don’t have to worry about it.)

Holders will also get airdropped the comic once it has been produced (only holders at the time of airdrop will receive the airdrop)

Holders also own the artwork and can do as they wish with it.
We will do random artwork / special airdrops too for fun and as gifts to holders.
Hopefully, the characters and CNFT’s are seen as collectible too.

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What's the map look like then?

You can see a quick version of this on the main page.

Artwork, the artwork for all 4 characters. Demos are on the main page or posted on Twitter or in the discord.
The artwork variations elements break down as so for each character: currently, this may change but only by a couple if we do change some.  


Skin tones:    4
Clothes:       10 
Mouth:        11
eye:              8
nose:            6
Hair:             9
Backgrounds: 9

There will only be 500 of each character! Meaning 2000 CNFT’s total (in episode 1)


Marketing and social ramp up aka the hype train will leave the station. Discord push, Twitter growth by join spaces and posting custom-made art for the space, and Instagram. I will be making some artworks, especially for just the advertising so we stand out from the crowd hopefully a little bit more.
Whitelisting will start (this may end up being capped) by gaining this you will gain a 24-hour advanced chance to the mint before the public does.
White-list competitions and on-mint CNFT giveaways will also start. Details on those will come so watch the discord or Twitter for updates and information.

Website Update along with finalizing the minting page and closing of the whitelist. 

Minting and reveals.  The minting sales will go to building on the team and adding extra value to the community as well as production of the comic.


Things of Note and future stuff.

Minting sales will go toward hiring a second artist to help with the production of the comic and for paying the writer.

Royalties are set to 4% for the secondary market – this is for running cost and future production of further comics.

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About this guy, (Ben AKA Penkin)

My Names Ben and I’m an artist from the UK. I go by the artist name P3nkin (penkin) and have done for many years, I first used the name back when I first started to play world of warcraft around 2006-2007. I’m a street artist and a digital artist. I’ve done murals for private and business clients with spray-paints as well digital work for clients across the world, but mostly the US. I used to design and paint skateboards too, I’m sure there are a couple of old videos floating around on youtube of those still.

When I was about 21 I rented a small warehouse with a couple of friends. They ran a t-shirt printing business and had a skateboard brand they were pushing whilst I started a graffiti/art supply shop. We would spray the warehouse and even built a skatepark in one area of it. After a couple of years I moved from the warehouse and opened up a store in the local arcade/mall, we had a wall out the back people would come down and paint, we did events and even brought a guy on board to go around to school and kids clubs to teach art and spray painting. I later moved on from that business and became a hazardous environment engineer (random change I know) but I did art throughout my life.My style was always inspired by the people around me and the things I liked. You may have noticed a distinct Jamie Hewlett (Gorrilaz) vibe to the project and style. Growing up I loved the artwork and idea behind the Gorrilaz band. I wanted to one day make a rap/hiphop group that would all be animated characters (maybe one day I’ll make it happen). Another big inspiration is a real-life buddy of mine, who goes by the name of Sotep he’s on youtube and insta and does killer work. His style is dope and he’s a super humble guy. We connected on art as we had a similar style and like similar things so I like to draw inspiration from him too.


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